Due to current global situation with pandemic and COVID-19 and horrendous influence on our daily lives, Weisser Automation SRL decided to enter into close cooperation with Medical entity from Poland to further develop synergies and secure the business for future growth, and same time providing new health solution for European Citizens.

Mutual cooperation will bring series of benefits mostly for our environment, our customers and society in European Union. As both companies serve in their specific areas of expertise, whereas Weisser Automation SRL specifically is known for its experience in technology and industrial automation sector, Zalim Medica S.A. provides several years of know how in medical sector (diagnostics and healthcare solutions and support).

Together, we want to create a solid entity with a strategy and the comprehensive view that we will take on healthcare along with health continuum and same time delivering innovations for consumer health especially taking into consideration current global situation with COVID-19.

Looking ahead at 2021, we have decided to enter into a market of new and innovative products that will secure and protect our lives against current viruses but also potential future healthcare challenges.

As a result of cooperation, both Weisser Automation SRL and Zalim Medica SA became an exclusive distributor for Europe of S-ION (a medical device) being designed and invented for one purpose only which is to prevent from further spread of virus and bacteria in our daily lives. Energized by our purpose, we remain confident in our ability to deploy our product into the market of EU while delivering meaningful innovative and sustainable solutions that meet the needs of current pandemic global situation.

With our new business approach we seek to act responsibly and sustainably, leveraging our resources to maximizing value creation for both companies. By believing that these Unusual days healthcare should be seamless, efficient and effective we “join up the dots” for our customers, consumers and patients supporting their needs and care for their lives in real time. Therefore, in order to cope with current situation we have decided to introduce new products to the market like S-ION Copper Film and also Intelligent Gates for disinfection with their main purposes of supporting healthier living and prevent or treat bacterial diseases.

We strive to provide best health environment and innovative solutions to our customers, patients and markets.




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